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Life is too short for living with aches and pains related to muscle and joint pain & stiffness.
Come join us as your Partners in Health on your road to healthy & graceful aging.

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Reduced pain & stiffness through improved muscle flexibility and joint mobility.

Customer Reviews:

Knead 2 Adjust is the most time-efficient, cost-effective solution of a combination stretch massage & chiropractic adjustment ALL wrapped-up into one!
Bella M
Working in the construction industry, every morning used to start out with pain and stiffness. Since beginning my weekly stretching & chiropractic adjustment sessions with Knead 2 Adjust, I’ve had no need to call-off sick and my quality of life has improved beyond belief.
Jack J.
Our son plays high school football and was constantly complaining of neck and low back pain that would also result in missing practice and games. Since his sessions with Knead 2 Adjust, he has complained less, performing better and given us more peace of mind about his well-being.
Joyce H.
Sitting at a desk job and in front of a computer for 10 years was affecting my posture along with chronic neck pain and headaches. A friend suggested Knead 2 Adjust and it was the best advice I could have ever imagined. The combination of assisted stretching, massage and chiropractic adjustments has been the ultimate game-changer!
Barbara B.
After retiring as a flooring contractor, my dream was to have more time for golf, pickleball and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, years of abuse to my knees and back were preventing me from these activities and I couldn’t even bend down to tie my shoes! My wife then suggested Knead 2 Adjust and after only 3 sessions, my muscles and joints are allowing me to slowly get back to what I’ve been struggling to do.
John S.